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When Alex, a rookie male stripper, shows up to Kira’s place for a house call, he expects to be dancing for a room full of rowdy bachelorettes. However, he quickly discovers that Kira has a much more intimate performance in mind and psyches himself out – he has no clue how be seductive in a solo setting! Luckily, Kira’s willing to give him a few helpful pointers… and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

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Ava’s first job out of college is a home-based personal assistant for a hedge fund. The pay and benefits are fantastic but that was just half of it. Although it is never addressed, it is obvious what is going on behind closed doors. The girls come and go and she knows Mr. M is insatiable. Even though she tries to ignore it, she eventually finds herself fantasizing about what occurs. When she is asked to ‘fill in’ she is extremely intrigued. Will she do what is asked of her?

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Harley has been a member of Club VXN for six months now and has had nothing but fantastic experiences. She always sticks to the rules of the club and is always open to everything. When she receives the details of her latest date she is a little sceptical. It’s a daytime meeting which deviates from the guidelines and she has reservations. The man in question is one of the original members of the exclusive club and this allows him certain privileges – but can he handle what he is asking for?

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Kira is a sexy, flexible yoga instructor, and she’s hired massage therapist Johnny to make a house call after a long day of practice on the mat. When Johnny enters the house, he’s shocked to find the gorgeous Kira bent over as she’s finishing up her stretches. Kira wants a full-body massage, so she applies enough oil to make her whole leotard see-through! Soon it becomes clear that Kira is hungry for more — it’s time to to turn this yoga session into a sexy, slippery fuck.

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Slinky Pink. 14:21
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